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Author and copyright

Clément Olivier Meylan


Striking is the poverty in some parts of Cambodia that has its origin in the horrible past of this country. Nevertheless cultural heritage, like the Apsara Dance, which was totally suppressed during the terror regime of the Red Khmer blossoms up again.


Year of capture         

2004 to 2006


Capture locations

Sangkae River, Tonle Sap, soon more.



Analog captures on 135/36 (35 mm) color and b&w film, from 2006 on digital captures.


Resolution in px for the analog captures

3700 x 5550


Resolution in px for the digital captures

2000 x 3000. Upscaling with AI reveals amazing details and provides impressive sharpness.


Year of digitization of the analog captures with a Nikon Coolscan 9000



Number of photos

A lot.



All images optimized for digital printing and printed on fine art paper.

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